Manitowish Waters Bike Trail

Original Trail

The Manitowish Waters paved bike trail travels from the Powell Road/Community Center along Hwy. 51 to CTH W through Manitowish Waters shopping center, continuing along CTH W to the North Lakeland Discovery Center/Rest Lake Community Park. The paved trail continues along CTH W to CTH K, Camp Jorn, North Lakeland School,Boulder Junction and beyond!

Trail Updates

The latest trail continues north at the intersection of Highway 51 and County W, leading you into the woods along a scenic path where it eventually crosses the Manitowish River. Just beyond the river, you can continue north along Highway 51 to the Mercer Trails, or cross Highway 51 into another pretty wooded area along the Manitowish River and Tower Road. You can connect to the original trail near Angler's Restaurant in Manitowish Waters where you can get to the Winman Trails by turning left at Smokey's Restaurant, or continue right or east to connect to Boulder Junction. Alternatively, at Angler's head into downtown Manitowish Waters and loop back to the Highway 51 section of the trail near the Community Church.
Be sure to check out the bathrooms and picnic tables added to Serbin Park along County K and also just beyond the bridge at Rice Creek along County K.

Master Plan

The Manitowish Waters Bike Trail Committee has become aware of the need for expanded trails for bikers and walkers within the township. The Committee has reviewed all the alternatives with pertinent officials in an effort to provide a safe and efficient trail system allowing everyone access to all of the region’s destinations and attractions. The review, after extensive public input, spawned the birth of the Manitowish Waters Regional Alternative Transportation Master Plan. The North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission has ranked the Manitowish Waters Plan the highest for the continued development of the region’s overall trail network.

Current Fund Drive

We are currently conducting a fund drive to help continue to maintain The Manitowish Waters Bike Trail. It is being conducted by the Manitowish Waters Bike Trail, Inc. – a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The goal of this organization is to provide safe and efficient trail systems allowing everyone access to all of the region’s destinations and attractions. With the help of donations from supporters like you, we will continue to maintain the bike trail system. To make a tax deductible donation send your donations to the Manitowish Waters Bike Trail, Inc., PO Box 308, Manitowish Waters, WI 54545.

Help to Support The Trail!

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Contact Us

Manitowish Waters Bike Trail, Inc.
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Joan Hill:  715-904-1162

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